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Efficiently Managing GPUs with Open Cluster Scheduler’s RSMAP Resource Type

(Image: AI-generated with PlaygroundAI/Stabile Diffusion XL) Open Cluster Scheduler has introduced a powerful and flexible resource type known as Resource Map (RSMAP), designed to manage and assign specific instances of resources like GPUs. Initially integrated into Univa Grid Engine Open Core, RSMAP is now also available in the latest version of Cluster Scheduler. Introduction Unlike…

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Open Cluster Scheduler: The Future of Open Source Workload Management

Dear Community, We are thrilled to announce that the source code repository for the Open Cluster Scheduler is now officially open-sourced and available at The Open Cluster Scheduler is the cutting-edge successor to renowned open-source workload management systems such as “Sun Grid Engine”, “Univa Grid Engine Open Core”, “Son of Grid Engine,” and others. With…

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