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Gridware Cluster Scheduler

The Gridware Cluster Scheduler (GCS) is a workload management system and job scheduler based on the freely available Open Cluster Scheduler (OCS) available on GitHub

Open Cluster Scheduler (OCS) is based on the Univa Open Core Grid Engine which in turn is based on the open source Sun Grid Engine. 

The Gridware Cluster Scheduler is available with additional commercial offerings: 

Gridware Cluster Scheduler

Open Cluster Scheduler


Our product, the Gridware Cluster Scheduler, is a workload management system that optimizes the distribution and execution of tasks and jobs across computing resources such as servers, clusters or cloud instances. The primary goal is to ensure that resources are used efficiently while meeting various requirements such as priorities, performance targets and resource constraints.

Key features include:
  • Job scheduling: Assign tasks or jobs to available resources based on pre-defined criteria such as priority, resource availability and dependencies.
  • Resource Allocation: Manage the allocation of computing resources (CPU, memory, storage, software licenses, …) to tasks based on their requirements and the overall system capacity.
  • Load balancing: Distribute tasks evenly across available resources to avoid overloading any particular resource and ensure optimal performance.
  • Monitoring and reporting: Collect and analyze data on resource usage, job completion times and system performance to identify bottlenecks, predict future resource requirements and optimize resource allocation.
  • Priority Management: Supports different levels of task priority to ensure that critical jobs are completed promptly, while less important jobs can be delayed or deprioritised during peak periods.
  • Fault Tolerance: Implementing failure handling mechanisms such as job retries, automatic failover and rescheduling to maintain system reliability and availability.
  • Scalability: The ability to dynamically scale the system to accommodate changing workloads and resource requirements, such as adding or removing servers or adjusting resource allocations based on demand.

In terms of compatibility, the Gridware Cluster Scheduler is a replacement for:

  • Sun Grid Engine (from Sun Microsystems).
  • Oracle Grid Engine (from Oracle).
  • Univa Grid Engine (from Univa).
  • Open Grid Scheduler (Open Source).
  • Son of Grid Engine (Open Source).
  • Other products on the market based on the same source code 
In contrast to the other Grid Engine variants Open Cluster Scheduler and Gridware Cluster scheduler have a clear and commited roadmap.

The source code on which the Gridware Cluster Scheduler is based has a history of more than 25 years. Read more about it in our first blog post.

The next release of Gridware Cluster Scheduler will be v9.0.0. It will be released together with Open Cluster Scheduler. 

This release will be a lot about modernization as a basis for future releases.

In addition it will come with new features in the area of GPU and cloud computing.

We will regularly talk about upcoming features/enhancements in our blog posts. Read more about GCS v9.0.0.